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As one of the area’s favourite water well contractors, Muskoka Wells offers a complete line of well drilling and service equipment. What’s more, our owner carries out all work, which ensures top quality. We also service what we sell and stand behind our work, because a satisfied customer is the best advertising.

What We Do

Muskoka Wells securely sets the industry’s best steel well casing into bed rock and grouts it into place for a secure seal. Once in place, a 6” hole is drilled into the ground to access fractures and any aquifer that may be positioned beneath. When sufficient water is located to satisfy demand, the well is capped and prepared for integration with a water system. Using quality Berkley components, Muskoka Wells inserts a submersible pump and motor down the well, connected through a one-way check valve into a water pressure tank in the house. Once pressurized, the water supply is now accessible to all taps in the house. All work and equipment is backed by guarantee and manufacturer’s warranty.

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From source to tap; look below to see some of the services we offer.

  • Complete well drilling
  • Improved water flow and quality from existing wells
  • Complete line of water treatment products
  • Berkley pumps and accessories dealer
  • Licensed plumber on staff
  • Cottage winterizing
  • 24 hour/4 season emergency services available


Give us a call to learn more about our services and to get a quote

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