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Where does city water come from?

Almost 50 per cent of all Ontarians get their water from Lake Ontario. As Ontarian water sources go, Lake Ontario is by far the largest resource, with some 6.3 million people getting their water from the Great Lake. Some 943,000 people use the Ottawa River as their source, with 657,000 people depending on groundwater supplies.

What are the common problems with drinking water?
Some common problems with drinking water include water hardnes and dissolved metals and chemicals from bedrock such as manganese, chloride, and iron. These deposits can cause water to become discoloured and can even corrode metal. Solutions include using water softeners, reverse osmosis and distillation systems.
How do I select the best solution?

If you’re unsure about what is the best solution for your water needs then talk to a professional at Muskoka Wells. With our years of experience we can help you choose the solution that works best for your unique needs.

Why is it important to drink better water?

There are many health benefits to drinking water, especially water that is properly treated. Avoiding contaminants such as lead is an important means to avoiding adverse health effects.